Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blue Moon Fiber Arts: Serendipity

I am so proud of my self. I indulged myself and joined the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Club. I played and played with needle size and sock size to get the yarn to strip and not pool. I did it. I finished the project within a reasonable period of time....only two months behind at this time. Not only was the stripping cool, but I really loved the star toe and the method of shortrowing the heel.

The Maryland Sheep fesital is this weekend, a very dangerous development for me; but the most fun!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Rhonda Meets the Yarn Harlot

Last Monday the Yarn Harlot spoke in Annapolis. Lou and I made the journey. This is picture of me and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. She is holding my Rainbow Socks and I am holding the sock that she photographs through her book tour and my autographed copy of her latest book.

Stephanie got very excited about the Rainbow Socks that I finished. She is going to make a pair for her friend. However, she will not publish the yarn on her blog until she purchases it, because everybody else will buy and the yarn will be sold out before she can buy it. This is a picture of me and the socks that appeared on her blog. I am now famous!!!!!!